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Are you missing out on those family holidays abroad, visiting loved ones or making memories ticking off those bucket list places to see across the world because of a fear of flying?


Have you looked into taking a fear of flying course but can’t quite bring yourself to book it because it involves a flight on a real aircraft?


We have the answer!


The Deck 747 centres itself around an authentic top deck of an ex British Airways 747 aircraft, registration G-BYGA. It has been salvaged during the aircraft scrapping process and preserved in our hangar at City Airport, Barton, Manchester complete with original business class seats and cockpit. We offer all sorts of activities from event hire, flight simulator, aviation shop and our brand new fear of flying course.


This course lasts for two hours in total and is led by Mark Rose, ex training captain on the 747 for British Airways. Mark is also one of our simulator instructors. The course allows for you plus one additional person at the base price, and a second person can be added in the options for a small extra fee. It is ideal for those of you who want to have a chance to get onboard a section of a real aircraft and experience as near to flight conditions as possible without the anxiety of knowing you have to fly at the end of it. It is the perfect opportunity to prepare yourself for a real flight or a second fear of flying course where you can get in the air for real. The course will begin with Mark meeting you at the front of the hangar, giving you an overview of the session including providing you a boarding pass like you would get for a real flight. You will be invited to tour the hangar including a visual look of the aircraft from the outside. Mark will use this time to get to know you, what you understand your main fears are and if possible where they originated from.


Before boarding, Mark will talk through the general process of what happens to get an aircraft ready for flight including the engineer and flight/cabin crew and aircraft preparation. He will also detail the boarding process and a high level overview of what happens throughout the flight.


Once you feel comfortable, Mark will invite you onboard the aircraft where you will have the chance to take a seat in one of the original business class seats whilst Mark explains the interior of the cabin and the general process of what would happen during flight in terms of the cabin safety demonstration, service, entertain and some of the noises/sensations you would feel.


Throughout each element of the session, Mark will continuously work with you to understand further about your fear, addressing the root cause and any potential lack of understanding of what happens during the flight.


Before “take off”, Mark will give you the option to also visit the cockpit of the aircraft where he will offer you lots of information on the main flying processes, what the main flying controls do and also if you are comfortable some detail around what happens in emergency scenarios to give you confidence for when things don’t always go to plan- of course this information will only be shared with you if you are comfortable.


Once ready- Mark will give you the option to sit in one of the cabin business class seats for the simulated flight, or you are welcome to sit in one of the jump seats in the cockpit (behind the main pilot seats). Again- this is entirely up to you, we do recommend however sitting in the cockpit as this allows Mark to talk you through lots more of what happens in flight and the various noises etc.


Mark will give you the choice of which airport to fly from/to and you will be able to view the flight through the cockpit windows via our 220 degree immersive surround screen. Just to note again- this is a simulated flight only, the aircraft does not actually take off for real.


During the flight Mark will welcome input from you on certain experiences you have had that you may want to try and also if comfortable provide the ability to demonstrate some emergency scenarios in flight and talk through the actions of the flight and cabin crew.


You will be given the option to then sit in the cockpit or cabin for the simulated landing where Mark will talk through what happens after the aircraft lands too up until passengers disembark.


If feeling really brave, before the session ends, you will also be given the chance to have a little go at flying the aircraft sim for yourself, if this does help combat your fear.


To reiterate- this session is all about you and our 747 captain getting to understand and combat your fears so there is lots of flexibility in how the session will run based on your needs- please discuss this on your arrival and to confirm you can bring one additional guest/friend with you for no additional charge.


Before leaving you will be provided with a certificate to take home with you showing that you have conquered the first big step in overcoming your fear of flying!


Due to the nature of this course, we recommend that you reach out to us by email/phone so we can arrange a call with Mark prior to your arrival. We also advise that you let us know of any specific needs or requirements and the age of those attending so we can tailor the course.


If you have any other questions before booking please don’t hesitate to get in touch by


To check the latest availability, please message us on the chat box on this website or email us on with your suitable dates. We are open each day of the week for all sims and generally have availability within 10-14 days of booking. Once booked please email us to confirm the session date/time.


This listing is for gift voucher purchases- voucher will be sent by post to delivery address listed on check out. If you need this emailed due to time constraints please email us.

Gift card is valid for 9 months from date of purchase. Please use email confirmation if you wish to use before voucher arrives in post. Expiry date can be extended by emailing us on for a charge of £35 for an additional 6 months. Ticket/voucher is non refundable however is date/time changeable up until 14 days prior- please email us to confirm availability on

GIFT VOUCHER- 2 hour fear of flying course with 747 captain

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