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To check the latest availability of sim time, please message us on the chat box on this website or email us on with your suitable dates. We are open each day of the week for all sims and generally have availability within 10-14 days of booking. Once booked please email us to confirm the session date/time.


This listing is for gift voucher purchases- voucher will be sent by post to delivery address listed on check out. If you need this emailed due to time constraints please email us.


Take control of the Queen of the Skies, the world's most loved aircraft, the 747. This ex British Airways genuine 747-400 top deck complete with cockpit has been converted into a totally immersive simulator with full 180 degree wrap around screen for a 100% geometrically correct single image. It is registration G-BYGA which was retired from service in March 2020 and the top deck has been preserved as The Deck 747 at City Airport, Barton Manchester. You will sit in the left or right seat and take off and land anywhere in the world guided by one of our highly experienced instructors for an experience you won't forget.


What can you expect from your visit?

Everybody learns at different rates and have different levels of ability so your experience will be tailored to your needs.

Assuming you are a novice, your instructor will spend 5 minutes or so going through the basic controls and instruments, getting you to handle them to get a feel for how they work and their respective actions.

Following this, your instructor will programme a flight from and to an airport of your choice. It’s unlikely you will pull off the landing first time, but don’t worry, you can try the landing again. We will help you with your second one to make sure its successful if we need to, so dont worry!


The experience can include multiple take offs, landings, some emergency scenarios or why not go sightseeing by flying under the golden gate bridge, over manhattan, try a Kai Tak approach or a sully Hudson landing! Come prepared and advise your instructor on arrival what you would like to do within your timeslot! Each of these listings is for a different time amount and you can add on 15 minutes, if you wish to have shorter or longer, check out the other listings.


As this is set in a real 747 aircraft and due to the complexities around using real aircraft cockpit components, the simulator is set up to be as enjoyable to fly as possible whilst maintaining as much of the realism of the flight controls (and that its not too complex either). With this in mind you may notice that some of the actual 747 processes may be missed for certain scenarios- but the full experience will be talked through by your instructor if you wish to know more information.



If you wish to bring up to three people along with you, they can share your flying time for the whole experience for an additional charge. how you split the flying time is up to you! If they just want to sit and watch though in one of the cockpit observer seats, thats perfectly fine, they dont have to fly. Please use the product options to add. If you wish to add additional time to the experience, you can do so.


Please be advised that whilst wheelchair access to the cabin is available, the flight deck door width limits this, therefore anyone wanting to come into the cockpit and in particular fly the aircraft must be able to walk in and sit down in the front cockpit seat unaided. Children aged 7 and over can fly as long as an adult comes along over age of 16 and will need to purchase an additional person in the options. To check the latest availabilty of sim time, please message us on the chat box on this website or email us on with your suitable dates. We are open Mon-Sun each week for all sims and generally have availability within 10-14 days of booking. Once booked please email us to confirm the session date/time.



Customers who arrive with children under 7 will be refused entry to the flight sim- the 747 Experience is not open whilst the sim is running so non paying customers and children will not be allowed to stay in the hangar whilst the sim is operational.


Due to the distance from the seat to the rudder pedals and control column, the instructor may need to assist with some of the flight controls if required.


As the simulator is located within The Deck 747 Experience hangar, you are welcome as part of this ticket to take photos in the cabin business seats too.



Why not also use the product options to add a real piece of the aircraft you are flying in the form of an engraved fuselage skin tag? Photo is on this listing showing a piece of the skin from the aircraft engraved with “iv been onboard The Deck747”. A real way to remember your experience!


Gift card is valid for 9 months from date of purchase. Please use email confirmation if you wish to use before voucher arrives in post. Expiry date can be extended by emailing us on for a charge of £35 for an additional 6 months. Flight sim ticket/voucher is non refundable however is date/time changeable up until 14 days prior- please email us to confirm availability on

GIFT VOUCHER Fly a real Boeing 747 aircraft simulator- 90 minute session

VAT Included
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